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 Posted: 01-02-2011 05:20 pm
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I have a 1975 Jensen Healey with Dellorto 45Es. I recently installed a pertronix flamethrower coil and ignitor, new cables, dizzy cao, rotor etc. Spark is fine.

Fuel flow to the carbs is good but when I try and start it's extremely difficult and when the engine does fire I have to keep pumping the accelerator to keep it going but then it just dies. I've been reading a lot on the dellortos and other people's posts and I think I'm probably running rich as the car was being driven at 5000' altitude where I bought it a few years ago. How do I tell what jets I have installed? Is it possible they are too rich and I'm not getting enough air?

The spark plugs are generally black (wet) after I go through the cranking process.

Any ideas??