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 Posted: 12-08-2010 02:55 am
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Yeah, from a cheap junk-yard near here I think I paid less than $40 for all of my EDIS bits. This includes the toothed wheel, VR sensor, 4-cyl coil pack, and the 4-cyl EDIS ignition module.

I used the toothed wheel from a 1996-1997 Ford Taurus GL with the pushrod 6-cylinder V6. I found the quad cam Duratec motors had a completely different crank pulley arrangement so do not bother looking on those.

The VR sensor also came off of the Taurus but the same sensor is used on a LOT of the mid-1990's Ford.

The coil pack and EDIS4 module came from a Ford Escort or Mercury Tracer with the SOHC 1.9L engine. The Autosport Labs site (vendor for the Megajolt ECU) says 1990 to 1999. The same 4-cyl coil pack is used on the V8 engines though. The V8 engines just have two of them.

BTW, I ordered the plug wires from for a 4-cyl Ford Escort with the 1.9L because they were dirt cheap too. I think the new plug wire set was $12 plus shipping. But if I had to do it again I would order the 6-cyl plug wire set for the Ford Taurus because the Escort wires were kind of short. This meant I was limited in how far away I could mount the coil pack. If I would have used the 6-cyl Taurus wire set I would have had longer wires to work with. It turns out the 6cyl wires were only $16 to $18 so the cost difference was not that much.

Another option I am still researching is to use the coil pack off of a 4-cyl Dodge Neon. The Neon coil pack has more normal plug wire connection when compared to the Ford EDIS coil packs. I know for a fact that the people doing EDIS conversions on 6-cyl cars have used Dodge coil packs for the same reason so I am guessing the Neon coil packs would work too. I just have to check the primary & secondary resistance to see if the Neon coil packs are compatible with the EDIS Ford coil pack values.

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