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 Posted: 12-08-2010 02:26 am
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Most of the reason for using the parts I'm using is cost and availability... For what I'd pay for Webers or Dells and manifold, at least in this area(N.KY) I could almost build the rest of the car... I didn't get carbs with the engine, so I chose a cheap, proven alternative... I've had trouble with distributors in the past, and as the engine didn't come with one, I figured I'd go ahead and spend a few bucks and go stand alone electronic... HP gains? Probably... But the fact that condensation won't affect it and a tune up will require pretty much only spark plugs sounded good to me...

Most of the guys who switch over to bike carbs do see some gains in hp in the top end where efi setups usually drop a little. But that's not really because of the carbs. Typically, it's because they're mounted mere inches from the head instead of the "ram horn" style intake used by most oems. Shortening the runner length after the TB lessens the restriction on the airflow, getting air in faster.

Again, the biggest reason for most to switch to bike carbs is cost. $35 for 4 carburetors? Maybe $25 in aluminum bits to fab a manifold and a few bucks for jets and I've got less invested in the entire induction system than most have in a single carb... Oh, wait...!