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 Posted: 12-08-2010 02:20 am
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superk83 wrote: EFI may come in the future, and if/when I go that route, I'll probably run with the GM bits... I've heard the US models had more power than the UK versions...

What sensors did you need to get the EDIS up and running? I know the EDIS module and coil pack, the "wheel" and sensor and a TPS sensor(which, fortunately, came with the carbs)... Any thing I'm missing? Aside from Megajolt, obviously...

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for their interest! Comments appreciated!!!

Kurt, I'd like to hear more from you to understand your perspective, if you wouldn't mind...
I have not installed a TPS sensor yet. I will be adding one with the EFI but the EDIS works quite nicely using manifold vacuum for it's primary load calculations.

Since I am doing the EFI as a follow-on project, I went with the Megasquirt controller since it is also useful for fuel control which the Megajolt does not do. One other advantage is I installed a coolant temp sensor which will be necessary for the EFI but the Megasquirt ECU also has a timing control trim function based on engine temperature. I don't believe this is possible with the Megajolt.

As I stated in another forum thread here, I have a 14 page PDF article I wrote on the EDIS based crank fired ignition conversion with illustrations and diagrams that I can E-mail out to you if you are interested. I have sent this out to a number of other folks on various Jensen and Lotus mailing lists and it seems to have good reviews and feedback so far.

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