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 Posted: 12-08-2010 02:10 am
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Jensen Healey wrote: Hi StevenD,

As I stated, "I fail to see." So tell me, what are the benefits of running bike carbs? More torque? More HP?

If I told you what I paid for my euro JH Derllortos and manifold setup would it make a difference? ($100 American)
I have more than one Jensen-Healey. One has the european DHLA45 Dellortos and the other has the ZS american carb setup. I have never driven a car with a bike carb setup.

All I can tell you so far is that the crank-fired EDIS ignition is noticeably smoother running on the highway and starts a LOT better than the original distributor setup. As a computer systems engineer with a mechanical engineering degree I am very comfortable with putting things under computer control. I also know that every Jensen-Healey I have owned has had an oil leak from the distributor. By going to the crank-fired ignition, I also get rid of an annoying oil leak. Too bad I cannot do the same for the poor cam cover sealing design.

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