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 Posted: 12-08-2010 01:25 am
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superk83 wrote:!

Ah! That guy had CIS fuel injection. Ancient crappy fuel injection that is mechanical instead of fully electronic. The Megasquirt I am doing is MUCH more modern electronic fuel injection.

The CIS injection was also used on the early US only Turbo Esprit cars from 1985 - 1988 (mix of angular sharp edged G-cars and later rounded contour Stevens cars). I have heard of people upgrading those cars from CIS to fully electronic fuel injection using either the Megasquirt or the GM/Delco stuff used on the later Turbo Esprits. The word I have heard on that conversion was "totally transformed the car" so I am looking forward to my Jensen-Healey with EFI verses the original ZS carbs.