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 Posted: 12-05-2010 03:25 pm
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Ok compression was fine last time it ran but a little low. I did the alignment..fine..spark at #1 plug. Wires in correct firing order, etc. cap and rotor are new. some carbon build up on spark plug #4...this is the only one that gets carbon build up..
One thing I do notice..and this has been constant throughout all of this that the engine shakes a lot during cranking and I seem to have exhaust smoke coming out about half way back of the car. Is it possible that the exhaust could be blocked and this is why the car won't start?

Brett Gibson JH5 20497 wrote:
Not enough info .......

Do a compression test to see if your engine is any good

Align the crank at TDC, do the cam marks line up, is the distributor rotor pointing at the #1 spark plug lead, pull the #1 plug is the piston at the top, do you have the spark plug wires in the right firing order, whats the condition of the cap and rotor, any carbon build up ......

Did you clean up the wiring connections.

Did the car run before what ever you did to it, can you undo what you did to see if it will run.

Is this the car that was turning over slow ???

I feel bad for you but you need to verify the basic's, Dell's are another issue entirely but if you havent touched them since it did run, (Knockwood). they may not be a problem.