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 Posted: 03-21-2005 01:11 am
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My jensen is now about to be repainted. The mechanics have stripped the jensen of engine/transmission/suspension/seats/dash and the rest of the interior. All that is left is a shell- a unibody the guy called it. The paint and body shop has it in their posession. They quoted a price to strip the entire car of the old color/ undercoat the body/completley change the color of the car/ fixed all the minor dents and dings. Replace all the rubber and body seals around all the lights/ straighten the rear bumper and repaint and polish the wheels/fix the hood.... it's got a warp from the dreaded hood lift mechanism. They said they would use top quality paint with a clearcoat and utilize a "tinted primer". The price was $4500.00 - ouch and the process would take about 2 months......... I guess I don't understand painting..... Macco does it for a lot less..... How does macco do it and not this bodyshop? IS the paint the expensive part or is it the labor? Anyones thoughts would be appreciated... Should I get a second Opinion even though the bodyshop has an excellent reputation? I don't want a cheap job... nearing the end of the restoration but i am watching my pennies. Thanks