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 Posted: 11-16-2010 01:30 pm
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Standard no start procedure (on a car that previously started):

1) take battery to autozone for a full charge and test. (takes ~1 hour to charge)

2) While waiting clean the terminals/connections for the Battery, alternator & starter.

3) While you're in there check for broken/melted/frayed wiring.

4) Take the time to clean the ground straps and the negative terminal connection to the body *really well*

5) Remove the alternator, go back to autozone.

6) Test the battery & Alternator. If both pass, reassemble the car.

7) If the car won't start (and the starter doesn't sound strong) remove it and get it tested.

8) If starter passes, then the problem's in the wiring. Get out your volt meter and start doing voltage drop tests. Look speciically for voltage drops of >.2