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 Posted: 07-07-2005 12:54 am
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The stock tire size is 185-70HR13.  This is entirely adequate for the street, but a 205 or 215 tire gives you a significantly larger tire contact patch, which adds considerably to the car's cornering potential.  The tradeoff is usually a slightly smaller tire diameter.

Whatever tires you select, I suggest that that they have 'A' or 'AA' DOT ratings for traction, heat, and wear.  Such tires shouldn't cost any more than the rest, and are usually  far better made, so you'll have fewer balance problems and a smoother and quieter ride at all speeds.  This can be very significant in a car as light as the JH.

I prefer H-rated tires myself as their sidewalls are generally more firm than those of tires with a lower speed rating.  This gives a slightly stiffer suspension, and a JH with stock springs will benefit from this.  Also, if a tire should suddenly lose its air, the stiffer sidewall may allow the car to remain under control for a few extra seconds -- a potential lifesaver.

I recently installed a set of Sumitomo 205-60HR13's on my car, and am delighted with them.  The price was quite reasonable, traction and cornering are very good, steering is precise at all speeds, and they don't respond badly to roadway imperfections.  One does have to pay attention on wet pavement, however.  While this is rarely a problem where I live, one might want a different tire in the soggy parts of the country.