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 Posted: 11-08-2010 03:31 pm
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Anybody know if the Carbtune II will work on a 1975 Jensen Healey?? I sent a note to Carbtune (see response below).

Thank you for your inquiry.
There are two things that are needed for the Carbtune to work.
1. You need to be able to connect it. The Carbtune comes with 5mm and 6mm adapters and 5mm i.d. rubber hoses. These fit most bikes and some cars like Lotus, Alfa, BMW M3, Ferrari, Aston Martin etc. Check to see what sort of fitting you have. If it is a screw-in fitting then measure the threads. If it's a push-on fitting measure the diameter of the stub the rubber hose will push onto.
If it's a different size to the above you can use some sort of adapter.
2. The idle vacuum reading needs to be between 0cmHg and 40cmHg. Most bikes and high performance cars are in this range.
But low performance cars give readings that are too high for the Carbtune.
If you need any more information please get back to me. You can also look at