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 Posted: 11-08-2010 01:24 pm
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Lash Russell

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    Shoulda bought gold insteadof the JH's,  if investment was the only thing important to me.  I love everything about the car.  Actually, one of the main things I love about the car is one of the things that keeps the value lower on the open market and that is its relative obscurity to the average person, even novice car guys.  How many times do we drive our car and people don't have a clue what it is!!

     I've had five of them, I still have two.  I've put plenty of time and money into them and likely wouldn't get back half of what I spent and don't care.  Personally I think they'll never get to A status.  Cannot believe MGB's are getting as valuable as Jody mentioned but ease of simple restoration and general knowledge base of the car is the reason why.

    All of us are unique, like minded individuals who love the car for what it is, financially we put in more than we will likely ever get out.  If my running JH ever suddenly jumped to 20K value I still wouldn't sell it anyway.  mtc.