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 Posted: 11-05-2010 01:52 am
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Hey lets face it the JH is the most under appreciated car in history. They are very fast they handle great they have great historic styling. Hey I remember when Porsche speedsters where under appreciated now look at them. I think the story will be the same. A sophisticated power plant generating 145 bhp. and equally sophisticated styling. In line with the AH but there is no AH so light and powerful. No MG can keep up(OK Granted the elusive MGC) Beats any 2 liter Porsche so someday I firmly believe the numbers will go through the roof and all JH fans(like me) will be sad when there is no parts and everybody dealing them is a shark(like the 356). I am glad you can go out and get a great car for under $3k. MGB's and VW convertibles cost more and are not half the fun Yes FUN!